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Saturday, May 28, 2011

And The Chief Joseph Tar 'n Feathers Award Goes to Judd Gregg

Judd Gregg, former GOP Senator from the "Live Free or Die State" is moving on to greener pastures, a cushy advisory job with maybe a little overseas travel, influence peddling, and down time with none other than the vampire squid Goldman Sachs. The beat goes on. Gregg was the top Republican member of the Budget Committee and a ranking member of the Banking committee. This stooge was notorious for running interference and effective blocking and tackling for his kleptocratic bankster masters and their handmaiden, the Federal Reserve Bank.

- Back in January 2010, while some were pushing for greater transparency of the Fed's massive, secretive and growing portfolio of securities and "collateral" and still others questioned the validity of reappointing a sycophant and disaster like Ben Bernanke, Judd invoked a quit pandering to the populists logic in Ben's defense.

- Previously, he managed to be selected to head up an "oversight committee" on the $700 billion TARP slush fund for plutocrats. Judd never met a plutocrat bailout he didn't like.

- In this Bloomberg editorial, he invokes stall tactics on derivative reform.

- In this April 2010 interview with Fox News, he shows his true colors by circular arguing that SEC actions against Goldman Sachs "wouldn't be good timing, having little to do with financial reform."

- It's not that there isn't a sleazy pattern here. His ex-aide was tied in with the Abramoff lobbying scandal.

Gregg, along with other captured politicians on both sides of the aisle, effectively hog tied the opposition and got the pro-Wall Street bankster agenda through. Little wonder that Presidente Hopium offered him the Commerce Secretary job in 2009. It's the same rabble in different colored empty suits! This travesty and farce of a politician regularly pulled from his bag of tricks this dynamite-strapped refrain: "What it's going to do is burn down some of the institutions which are critical to us as a nation and as an economy to recover and create jobs." We are still waiting on those jobs, Judd.

So, Judd if I may call you that, us conspiracy nuts and populists are uniting. You are hereby tarred 'n feathered.

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