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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Long Hot Summer

Food stamp participation is about as good an indicator as you can find to gauge national distress, and at this point the potential for a “long, hot summer” (an American summer, as opposed to the Arab spring)  is building and building.  While the kleptocrats head out to the Hamptons for their summer vacations, the teeming masses around the country are reaching a boiling point. Although a large number of these 44.6 million in poverty are comatose, drugged and passive, all it really takes is a portion of these people with more aggressive personalities to take to the streets and really upset the apple cart. Actual hunger is the key variable and the availability of guns. Food stamp participation once again increased by a rate of 388,000 in the last month.

Ben Bernanke's performance Tuesday was real disgusting, just a barrage of dog ate the homework excuses. This is guy isn't even an adult, let alone a leader. We seen free money, tripling of Fed's balance sheet, 10% deficit/GDP,  looting and bailouts as far as the eye can see. For what, who has benefited other than Tiffany and a few kleptocrats.  
TIF stock chart:

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  1. The economy is recovering and depressing depending upon where you stand in terms of social class--
    - Marco Mattiacci, chief executive officer of Ferrari North America, says 2010 was the best year ever for the company in the U.S. (Bloomberg Surveillance)

    - 44million+ are now in the food stamp program