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Monday, July 25, 2011

Charles "Buddy" Roemer

At first glance the political landscape for the Republicans seems littered by me-too white bread clowns.  However, I have a hunch there is a new candidate who bears watching, not so much as the eventual nominee but as someone who could heavily influence the discourse.  Although I sense nothing short of revolution and hitting the streets is going to work at this point,  I think Presidente Hopium and the Republican  rabble  are going to have a tough time if this guy emerges in a significant way, which is what I am predicting.  The candidate is Charles "Buddy" Roemer who served four term as a Boll Weevel Democrat in the 80s, and as a one term anti-corruption Governor of Louisana in the early 90s and then changed parties lost his reelection.  He was a key campaign adviser for McCain in 2008,  and has spent the last decade and a half building two community banks in Louisiana.

Roemer is staunchly anti- too-big-to-fail and anti bankster bailout.  He is also staunchly anti-dirty PAC money in politics, and calls his campaign, "free to lead" and will only take $100 per individual in contributions and will accept no pact money.  He is anti-government subsidy and in fact when in Iowa called for the end of ethanol and oil subsidies, but wants to open up domestic drilling and exploration.  Showing his political inclination to throw the ball deep,  he actually received polite applause in Iowa for this. He refers to government as a feeding at the trough situation dominated by lobbyists and special interests, and proposes bringing government spending to GDP down to 18.5% over a five year period.  He is critical of neo-liberal free trade, and even more critical of corporate loop holes that allow US firms to use the tax code to avoid paying US taxes (see my article- Corporate Tax Avoidance).

Further, as a stump speaker he is a classic rather entertaining old school southern orator with his message. In an Iowa church, (get past the first couple minutes),  without pandering to social issues,  he calls on people of faith "to come against the corruption".   Don't be fooled by the persona, as Roemer is Harvard educated and is considered highly intelligent and charismatic even if a bit quirky. Here he  is on Dylan Ratigan, and his announcement speech.  Finally a longer speech and interview at Dartmouth. Good luck, sir.

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