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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some Trends Afoot

I think my predictions of the last year are in play, and some (such as the China slow down, and Japan's slow recovery) are in full swing.  Pulling back the curtains on the Wizard of Oz is in process, and without a doubt Wall Street refuses to let go on this one.  They run right back into to every bailout development and ever hint of money printing. This is increasingly a costly trade.

Not surprisingly the Fed looks to be a live wire for Republican candidates, with one,  Rick Perry, referring to them as manipulators and treasonous. A politician like this knows full well that there is a large audience to tap on this one. The MSM media is besides themselves on some of these more outspoken candidates against the Bernank, the industrial-military complex and the status quo. Jon Stewart ran a classic on how the MSM completely ignores the strong candidacy of Ron Paul. This is so blatant that even observers who don't even support Paul are offended.  The guy I like, Buddy Roemer, wasn't even invited to the Iowa debate. These political reporters are awful, what kind of rocks did these guys crawl from under? I am anticipating the Obama will face a tough challenge from a progressive. There is some scuttlebutt about Al Gore.

One of my other theories offered was the long hot summer. There are indication it has only begun in the UK, as Amazon reports a huge spike in baseball bat sales.  I thought would spread to America,  but despite all the seething anger is really hasn't.  About the only disorder seen is selfish behavior such as flash mobs cleaning out stores, buttheads rather than revolutionaries.  With the kind of surveillance in the country this behavior is nuts and thus may signify desperation. In Germany, arsonists burn "fat cat" cars. Police are treating these a "political crimes."

The following are 16 statistics which prove that the American people are absolutely seething with anger right now....
#1 A new Washington Post poll has found that a whopping 78 percent of Americans are dissatisfied "with the way this country’s political system is working".
#2 That same poll found that only 26 percent of Americans believe that the federal government can solve the economic problems that we are now facing.
#3 Gallup says that Barack Obama's job approval rating has hit an all-time low of 39%.
#4 According to a recent CBS News/New York Times poll, Congress has a disapproval rating of 82%.
#5 A new Rasmussen survey has found that 85 percent of Americans believe that members of Congress "are more interested in helping their own careers than in helping other people."
#6 That same survey found that 46 percent of the American people believe that most members of Congress are corrupt.  That figure was a new all-time high.
#7 According to a different Rasmussen survey, only 17 percent of Americans now believe that the U.S. government has the consent of the governed.
#8 A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll discovered that 73 percent of the American people believe that the nation is "on the wrong track".
#9 A recent poll taken by Rasmussen found that 68 percent of Americans believe that we are actually in a recession right now.
#10 According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans that lack confidence in U.S. banks is now at an all-time high of 36%.
#11 U.S. consumer confidence is now at its lowest level in 30 years.
#12 According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, 90 percent of Americans believe that the economy is performing poorly.
#13 That same poll found that approximately 80 percent of Americans believe that it is "difficult" to find a job these days.
#14 According to one recent poll, 39 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. economy has now entered a "permanent decline".
#15 Another recent survey found that 48 percent of Americans believe that it is likely that another great Depression will begin within the next 12 months.
#16 According to a brand new Rasmussen survey, 48% of Americans believe that reductions in government spending are "at least somewhat likely" to result in civil unrest inside the United States.

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