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Society is like a stew. If not stirred frequently, the scum rises to the top.” – Edward Abbey

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lee Camp: Moment of Clarity

In my mind Lee Camp is emerging as the best and most lucid revolutionary anti-kleptocrat comic and satirist in America today. Chief Joseph gladly awards him a warrior head bonnet and salutes him.

Here is a sampling of of some his best satirical comedy. His Facebook Wall. and his performances

You Are Not Alone

What if There was No Manipulation for One Day

Let's Take This Apathy Out to the Woodshed

Evil People Have Plans

Ten Ways to Punch Big Corporations in the Nads

Hedge Funds Make More in a Day, than You Will Make in a Half Century

No One is on the Edge of Glory

What's Real Anymore

Is A Two Party System Really Democracy

Is Wall Street Set Up to Reward Evil

Fight the Banks June 14th


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