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Society is like a stew. If not stirred frequently, the scum rises to the top.” – Edward Abbey

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Organized Social Network Resistance Against the Kleptocrats Developing

There is an organized effort afoot to counter the criminal kleptocratic interests that I fight against on this site. Called the AmpedStatusNetwork, it clearly reflects my core principles and I encourage my readers to join and lend their support. There is a call for demonstrations on June 14th with the primary effort at Wall Street in Lower Manhattan.  They have developed a talking point video that is quite strong.  I loved the short speech at the end. Look out Egypt, Greece, Spain, the sleeping giant is awakening. Their common ground platform:

It’s time to mobilize and aggressively move
on common sense political reforms.

We’ve had enough of…

  • The Two-Party Oligarchy
  • Big Government
  • Big Corporate Power
  • The Concentration of Power

It’s time to…

  • Decentralize
  • Create New Political Parties
  • Restore the Rule of Law

The economic top one-tenth of one percent of the global population has launched an economic war on us. They are hoarding $39 Trillion in investible wealth, not counting the vast sums they have hidden in offshore accounts. In the United States, we now have the highest and most severe inequality of wealth in our nation’s history. While there is a record number of American citizens currently living paycheck to paycheck, in debt, unemployed, underemployed, without healthcare, on food stamps and in poverty, as our society is breaking down, global bankers have taken our tax dollars and given themselves all-time record-breaking bonuses. The same people who destroyed our economy have been rewarded with trillions of dollars in national wealth. It is now evident that both political parties and all three branches of government, along with the mainstream corporate media, have been bought off by a global economic elite.

As a broad-based network representing people across the political spectrum, we are working together to reach common ground and fight for pivotal political reforms. As long as the economy and government are rigged in favor of the top economic 0.1%, we will all lose.

Here’s a general outline of our common ground platform:

  • Enforce RICO Laws
  • Break Up the Big Banks
  • End the Fed
  • Break Up the Mainstream Media
  • Shut the Revolving Door
  • End Closed Door Lobbying
  • Increase Government Transparency
  • End Corporate Personhood
  • Amend Campaign Finance
  • Verify All Votes
  • Investigate War Profiteers
  • Investigate War Crimes
  • End the Wars
  • Reopen the 9/11 Investigation
  • Restore Civil Liberties
  • Uphold the Constitution
  • Clean Air, Water & Food
  • Reduce Healthcare Costs, Profiteering
  • Make Healthcare a Human Right
  • Improve Education For All, Reduce Costs
  • Reform Prison System
  • Reform Drug Laws
  • Immigration Reform
  • Rebuild Infrastructure
  • Protect Internet Freedom
  • Empower States’ Rights
  • End Corporate Welfare
  • Raise Taxes on Richest 0.1%
  • Reduce Taxes for 99%

These are the core common ground issues that we must urgently rally around and support. Unless we organize and take decisive action, we will all suffer the consequences of our collective inaction. Any politician who does not urgently move on these issues must be voted out of office and replaced by people who will aggressively fight on these fronts.

If you agree with any of the goals mentioned above and would like to be part of this movement, please join our new social network.

Guy Fawkes mask, V for Vendetta symbolism adopted from Madrid protesters.

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